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BlegywrydLaws of CourtPrologue1r1-1v14Rhagymadrodd DC I.J 1.1-2.4Bleg 1.1-2.13
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe Twenty-four Officers1v15-2r10DC I.i.1-4J 2.5-2.21Bleg 2.14-3.5
BlegywrydLaws of CourtKing's sarhaed2r11-2v16DC I.ii.1-7J 2.22-3.13Bleg 3.6-4.6
BlegywrydLaws of CourtQueen's sarhaed2v16-2v20DC I.iii.1J 3.14-3.17Bleg 4.7-4.11
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe king's company2v20-2v25DC I.iv.1J 3.18-3.21Bleg 4.12-4.16
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe Heir-apparent3r1-3r14DC I.v.1-4J 3.22-3.34Bleg 4.17-5.5
BlegywrydLaws of CourtNeeds of the edling3r14-3r20DC I.v.5-7J 4.1-4.6Bleg 5.6-5.11
BlegywrydLaws of CourtPrivilege3r21-3v13DC I.v.8-DC 4.7-4.20Bleg 5.12-5.28
BlegywrydLaws of CourtProtections3v14-5r18DC I.vii.1-DC I.viii.cyflwyniadJ 4.21-6.25Bleg 6.1-8.26
BlegywrydLaws of CourtSarhaed and value5r18-5v7DC I.viii.1-DC I.viii.9J 6.26-7.5Bleg 8.27-9.16
BlegywrydLaws of CourtHosting5v8-6r4DC I.ix.1-DC I.ix.9J 7.6-7.29Bleg 9.17-10.14
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCaptain of the Household6r5-6r22DC I.x.1-DC I.x.10J 7.30-8.13Bleg 10.15-11.9
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersDistain (apparitor)6r23-7r18DC I.xi.1-DC I.xi.29J 8.14-9.17Bleg 11.10-12.31
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersOffeiriad Teulu7r19-7v15DC I.xii.1-DC I.xii.9J 9.18-9.34Bleg 13.1-13.20
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersFalconer7v16-8v4DC I.xiii.1-DC I.xiii.15J 9.35-10.29Beg 13.21-14.31
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCourt justice8v5-10r2DC I.xiv.1-DC I.xiv.21J 10.30-12.19Bleg 15.1-17.18
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCourt justice - justice and judgement10r2-10v8DC I.xiv.22-DC I.xiv.24J 12.20-13.13Bleg 17.19-18.21
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChief groom10v9-11r18DC I.xv.1-DC I.xv.20J 13.14-14.7Bleg 18.22-19.31
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChief Huntsman11r19-12r19DC I.xvi.1-DC I.xvi.25J 14.8-15.14Bleg 20.1-21.26
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChamberlain12r20-12v5DC I.xvii.1-DC I.xvii.8J 15.15-15.22Bleg 21.27-22.8
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChambermaid12v6-12v9DC I.xvii.9-DC I.xvii.10J 15.23-15.25Bleg 22.8-22.12
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChamberlain12v9-12v13DC I.xvii.11-DC I.xvii.12J 15.26-15.29Bleg 22.13-22.17
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCourt poet12v14-13r4DC I.xviii.1-DC I.xviii.9J 15.30-16.8Bleg 22.18-23.5
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersHall doorkeeper13r5-13v2DC I.xix.1-DC I.xix.10J 16.9-16.28Bleg 23.6-23.28
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersGroom of the Rein13v3-13v9; 14r1-14r6DC I.xx.1-DC I.xx.7J 16.29-17.3Bleg 24.1-24.14
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChamber Doorkeeper13v9-13v15DC I.xxi.1-DC I.xxi.5J 17.4-17.7Bleg 24.15-24.20
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersPorter13v15-13v18DC I.xxii.1-DC I.xxii.2J 17.8-17.10Bleg 24.21-24.23
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCook13v18-14r1; 14r9-14r10DC I.xxiii.1-DC I.xxiii.8J 17.11-17.18Bleg 25.1-25.9
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersMead Brewer14r6-14r9DC I.xxiv.1J 17.19-17.21Bleg 25.10-25.12
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChief of song14r10-14v8DC I.xxv.1-DC I.xxv.10J 17.22-18.11Bleg 25.13-26.10
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersMediciner14v9-14v21DC I.xxvi.1-DC I.xxvi.6J 18.12-18.22Bleg 26.11-26.24
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCourt Blacksmith14v22-15r18DC I.xxvii.1-DC I.xxvii.14J 18.23-19.3Bleg 26.25-27.16
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersDung maer15r19-15v2DC I.xxviii.1-DC I.xxviii.4J 19.4-19.9Bleg 27.17-27.24
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersRhingyll15v3-16r20DC I.xxix.1-DC I.xxix.17J 19.10-20.12Bleg 27.25-29.12
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersTriads16r20-18r17DC 20.13-23.8Bleg 105.18-106.17; 124.15-126.18
BlegywrydLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersOrdinary officers18r18-18v5DC I.xxxi.2J 23.9-23.17Bleg 29.13-29.25
BlegywrydLaws of CountryThree Columns of LawPrologue and explanation about laws of court18v5-18v20DC II.cyflwyniad-DC II.cyflwyniad.7J 23.18-23.30Bleg 29.26-30.10; Bleg 135.10-135.13
BlegywrydLaws of CountryThree Columns of LawNine abetments of galanas18v21-21r7DC II.i.1-DC II.i.37J 23.31-26.14Bleg 30.11-33.29
BlegywrydLaws of CountryThree Columns of LawNine abetments of fire21r8-21v1DC II.ii.1-DC II.ii.11J 26.15-26.29Bleg 34.1-34.18
BlegywrydLaws of CountryThree Columns of LawNine abetments of theft21v2-22r23DC II.iii.1-DC II.iii.18; DC II.iii.24-DC II.iii.26J 26.30-27.35Bleg 34.19-36.8
BlegywrydLaws of CountryWitnesses22r23-23r22DC II.iv.1-DC II.iv.5J 27.36-28.38Bleg 36.9-37.28
BlegywrydLaws of CountryNine tongued-ones23r24-24r23DC II.v.cyflwyniad-DC II.v.15J 29.1-30.8Bleg 37.29-39.23
BlegywrydLaws of CountryDebts24r24-24v7DC 30.9-30.14Bleg 39.24-39.30
BlegywrydLaws of CountrySuretyship24v7-26r20DC 30.15-32.5Bleg 40.1-42.28
BlegywrydLaws of CountryDirwy26r21-27r10DC II.vii.1-DC II.vii.11J 32.6-33.1Bleg 42.29-44.7
BlegywrydLaws of CountryTriad collection27r11-32v24 AnghyflawnDC II.viii.1-DC II.viii.104J 33.2-44.6Bleg 107.18-124.14

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