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LladinLaws of CourtPrologue1.1-2.5LHB PrologueLTWL 276.1-276.11Lat C 1.1Lat C 1.1Lat C 1.1Lat C 1.1
LladinLaws of CourtThe Twenty-four Officers2.6-4.2LHB i.1-i.25; ii.1LTWL 276.12-276.26Lat C 1.2-1.3Lat C 1.2-1.3Lat C 1.2-1.3Lat C 1.2-1.3
LladinLaws of CourtKing's sarhaed4.3-5.11LHB ii.2-ii.5LTWL 276.27-277.12Lat C 1.4Lat C 1.4Lat C 1.4Lat C 1.4
LladinLaws of CourtQueen's sarhaed5.11-5.15LHB iii.1LTWL 277.13-277.15Lat C 1.5Lat C 1.5Lat C 1.5Lat C 1.5
LladinLaws of CourtThe king's company5.15-6.4LHB iv.1LTWL 277.16-277.18Lat C 1.6Lat C 1.6Lat C 1.6Lat C 1.6
LladinLaws of CourtKing's sarhaed6.5-7.2LHB v.1LTWL 277.19-277.25Lat C 1.7Lat C 1.7Lat C 1.7Lat C 1.7
LladinLaws of CourtThe Heir-apparent7.2-8.9LHB vi.1-vi.7LTWL 277.26-278.10Lat C 1.8Lat C 1.8Lat C 1.8Lat C 1.8
LladinLaws of CourtOrder of the Court8.10-9.4LHB vii.1LTWL 278.11-278.15Lat C 1.9Lat C 1.9Lat C 1.9
LladinLaws of CourtProtections9.4-13.8LHB viii.1-viii.27LTWL 278.16-280.4Lat C 1.10Lat C 1.10Lat C 1.10
LladinLaws of CourtSarhaed and value13.8-15.3LHB ix.1-ix.11LTWL 280.5-280.29Lat C 1.11Lat C 1.11Lat C 1.11
LladinLaws of CourtHosting15.3-16.6LHB x.1-x.9LTWL 280.30-281.12Lat C 1.12Lat C 1.12Lat C 1.12
LladinLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCaptain of the Household16.7-16.14LHB xi.1-xi.3LTWL 281.13-281.18Lat C 1.13Lat C 1.13Lat C 1.13
LladinLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersDistain (apparitor)16.15-18.10LHB xii.1-xii.21LTWL 281.19-282.10Lat C 1.14.1-12Lat C 1.14.1-12Lat C 1.14.1-12
LladinLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChief groom18.11-19.11LHB xiii.1-xiii.8LTWL 282.11-282.27Lat C 1.14.13-20Lat C 1.14.13-20Lat C 1.14.13-20
LladinLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCourt Justice19.11-22.1LHB xiii.9; xiv.1-xiv.14LTWL 282.28-283.28Lat C 1.15Lat C 1.15Lat C 1.15
LladinLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersFalconer22.1-23.7LHB xv.1-xv.9LTWL 283.29-284.16Lat C 1.16Lat C 1.16Lat C 1.16
LladinLaws of CourtOther thingsTriad collection23.7-24.2LHB xvi.1-xvi.6LTWL 284.17-284.22Lat C 1.17Lat C 1.17Lat C 1.17
LladinLaws of CourtOther thingsKing's rights24.2-25.8LHB xvii.1-xvii.6LTWL 284.23-285.10Lat C 1.18Lat C 1.18Lat C 1.18
LladinLaws of CourtValue of Wild and TameFalcons25.9-25.18LHB xviii.1-xviii.6LTWL 285.11-285.15Lat C 1.19Lat C 1.19Lat C 1.19
LladinLaws of CountryValue of Wild and TameDogs25.18-27.14LHB xix.1-xix.11LTWL 285.16-286.8Lat C 1.20Lat C 1.20Lat C 1.20
LladinLaws of CountryValue of Wild and TameCattle and oxen27.14-32.14LHB xx.1-xx.12; xxi.1-xxi.13LTWL 286.9-287.29Lat C 1.21Lat C 1.21Lat C 1.21
LladinLaws of CountryWomen33.1-34.13pp. 904.28LTWL 287.30-288.17Lat C 2.1Lat C 2.1Lat C 2.1
LladinLaws of CountryLand lawDadannudd35.1-36.16pp. 905.16LTWL 288.18-289.13Lat C 3.1-3.2Lat C 3.1-3.2Lat C 3.1-3.2
LladinLaws of CountryCo-tillage37.1-37.11pp. 906.3LTWL 289.14-289.20Lat C 4.1Lat C 4.1
LladinLaws of CountryCo-tillage37.11-38.6pp.906.10LTWL 289.21-289.26Lat C 4.2Lat C 4.2
LladinLaws of CountryLand lawThree precious things38.7-38.10pp.906.17LTWL 289.27-289.28Lat C 4.3Lat C 4.3
LladinLaws of CountryCorn Damage38.10-38.17pp. 906.19LTWL 289.29-289.32Lat C 4.4Lat C 4.4
LladinLaws of CountryValues39.1-39.3pp. 906.23LTWL 290.1-290.2Lat C 5.1Lat C 5.1
LladinLaws of CountryValues39.3-39.6pp.906.26LTWL 290.3-290.4Lat C 5.2Lat C 5.2
LladinLaws of CountryValues39.7-39.16pp.906.29LTWL 290.6-290.13Lat C 5.3Lat C 5.3

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