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LladinLaws of CourtPrologue1a1-1b3 (ff. 1r)LW PrologueLTWL 109.1-109.18
LladinLaws of CourtThe Twenty-four Officers1b3-1b26 (ff. 1r)LW I.i.1-I.i.24LTWL 109.19-109.34
LladinLaws of CourtKing's sarhaed2a1-2b4 (ff. 1r-v)LW I.ii.1-I.ii.2LTWL 110.1-110.20
LladinLaws of CourtQueen's sarhaed2b16-2b21 (ff. 1v)LW I.iii.1LTWL 110.21-110.25
LladinLaws of CourtThe king's company2b21-2b26 (ff. 1v)LW I.iv.1LTWL 110.26-110.29
LladinLaws of CourtThe Heir-apparent3a1-3a17 (ff. 2r)LW I.v.1-I.v.7LTWL 110.30-111.6
LladinLaws of CourtOrder of the Court3a17-3a26 (ff. 2r)LW, I.vii.1-I.vii.3LTWL 111.7-111.24
LladinLaws of CourtProtections3a25-5a18 (ff. 2r-3r)LW I.vii.4-I.vii.30; I.viii.1-I.viii.7LTWL 111.25-113.15
LladinLaws of CourtHosting5a18-5b15 (ff. 3r)LW I.ix.1-I.ix.9LTWL 113.16-113.32
LladinLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCaptain of the Household5b15-6a16 (ff. 3r-v)LW I.x.1-I.x.5LTWL 113.33-114.7
LladinLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersDistain (apparitor)6a17-6b25 (ff. 3v)LW I.xi.1-I.xi.12LTWL 114.8-114.31
LladinLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersOffeiriad Teulu6b25-7a3 (ff. 3v-4r)LW I.xii.1-I.xii.2LTWL 114.32-114.36
LladinLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersFalconer7a4-7b15 (ff. 4r)LW I.xiii.1-I.xiii.10LTWL 114.37-115.20
LladinLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCourt Justice7b16-8a23 (4r-v)LW I.xiv.1-I.xiv.8LTWL 115.21-116.2
LladinLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChief groom8a23-8b27 (ff. 4v)LW I.xv.1-I.xv.8LTWL 116.3-116.22
LladinLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChief Huntsman9a1-9b20 (ff. 5r)LW I.xvi.1-I.xvi.15LTWL 116.23-117.13
LladinLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChamberlain9b20-10a7 (ff. 5r-v)LW I.xvii.1-I.xvii.3LTWL 117.14-117.21
LladinLaws of CourtFifteen lower officersPorter10a7-10b6 (ff. 5v)LW I.xviii.1-I.xviii.5LTWL 117.22-117.35
LladinLaws of CourtOther officersDoorkeeper10b7-10b23 (ff. 5v)LW I.xviii.6-I.xviii.8LTWL 117.36-118.5
LladinLaws of CourtFifteen lower officersGroom of the Rein10b24-11a1 (ff. 5v-6r)LW I.xix.1LTWL 118.6-118.9
LladinLaws of CourtFifteen lower officersMead Brewer11a16-11a19 (ff. 6r)LW I.xx.1LTWL 118.10-118.12
LladinLaws of CourtFifteen lower officersCook11a19-11a23 (ff. 6r)LW I.xxi.1-I.xxi.2LTWL 118.13-118.16
LladinLaws of CourtFifteen lower officersCourt poet11a23-11b6 (ff. 6r)LW I.xxii.1-I.xxii.2LTWL 118.17-118.23
LladinLaws of CourtOther officersChief of song11b6-11b22 (ff. 6r)LW I.xxiii.1-I.xxiii.3LTWL 118.24-118.34
LladinLaws of CourtOther officersCourt Blacksmith11b22-12a11 (ff. 6r-v)LW I.xxiv.1-I.xxiv.5LTWL 119.1-119.10
LladinLaws of CourtOther officersRhingyll12a12-12b15 (ff. 6v)LW I.xxv.1-I.xxv.9LTWL 119.11-119.29
LladinLaws of CourtOther officersThe Household12b16-13a15 (ff. 6v-7r)LW I.xxvi.1-I.xxvi.6LTWL 119.30-120.12
LladinLaws of CourtOther officersMaer and cynghellor13a15-13b14 (ff. 7r)LW I.xxvii.1-I.xxvii.9LTWL 120.13-120.35
LladinLaws of CourtOther officersDung maer13b14-13b20 (ff. 7r)LW I.xxviii.1-I.xxviii.3LTWL 120.36-120.41
LladinLaws of CourtBraint Llys13b21-13b27 (ff. 7r)LW I.xxix.1-I.xxix.2LTWL 121.1-121.6
LladinLaws of CountryPrologue to laws of country14a1-14a7 (ff. 7v)LW II.i.1-II.i.2LTWL 121.7-121.11
LladinLaws of CountryThree Columns of LawNine abetments of galanas14a7-15b13 (ff. 7v-8r)LW II.ii.1-II.ii.36LTWL 121.12-123.2
LladinLaws of CountryThree Columns of LawNine abetments of fire15b13-16a15 (ff. 8r-v)LW II.iii.1-II.iii.15LTWL 123.3-123.26
LladinLaws of CountryThree Columns of LawNine abetments of theft16a16-16b22 (ff. 8v)LW II.iv.1-1II.iv.5LTWL 123.27-124.11
LladinLaws of CountryNine tongued-ones16b22-17a19 (ff. 8v-9r)LW II.v.1-II.v.9LTWL 124.12-124.29
LladinLaws of CountrySuretyship1720-17b1 (ff. 9r)LW, II.vii.1-II.vii.13LTWL 124.30-125.43
LladinLaws of CountryTriad collection17b1-22b6 (ff. 9r-11v)LW II.viii.1-II.viii.59LTWL 126.1-130.4
LladinLaws of CountryLand lawBoundaries22b6-23a1 (ff. 11v-12r)LW II.ix.1-II.ix.10LTWL 130.5-130.16
LladinLaws of CountryLand lawDadannudd23a1-23b19 (ff. 12r)LW II.ix.11-II.ix.14LTWL 130.17-131.10
LladinLaws of CountryLand lawCase for land23b19-24a26 (ff. 12r-v)LW II.ix.15-II.ix.20LTWL 131.11-131.37
LladinLaws of CountryWitnesses and testimony24b1-25a18 (ff. 12v-13r)LW II.x.1-II.x.9LTWL 131.38-132.32
LladinLaws of CountryLand lawDivision of land25a18-27b20 (ff. 13r-14r)LW II.xi.1-II.xi.32LTWL 132.33-135.9
LladinLaws of CountryPethau eraillEight packhorses of the king27b20-27b26 (ff. 14r)LW II.xii.1LTWL 135.10-135.14
LladinLaws of CountryLand lawGwestfa (food provision)28a1-28b21 (ff. 14v)LW II.xiii.1-II.xiii.14LTWL 135.15-136.8
LladinLaws of CountryLand lawDawnbwyd (food renders)28b21-30a8 (ff. 14v-15v)LW II.xiv.1-II.xiv.15LTWL 136.9-137.14
LladinLaws of CountryThe value of limbs30a17-31b21 (ff. 15v-16r)LW II.xv.1-II.xv.30LTWL 137.15-138.40
LladinLaws of CountryBondsmen31b21-32a26 (ff. 16r-v)LW II.xvi.1-II.xvi.11LTWL 139.1-139.27
LladinLaws of CountryGalanas and sarhaed32b1-34a15 (ff. 16v-17v)LW II.xvii.1-II.xvii.38LTWL 139.28-141.16
LladinLaws of CountrySeven bishop-houses of Dyfed34a16-34b9 (ff. 17v)LW II.xviii.1-II.xviii.13LTWL 141.17-141.29
LladinLaws of CountryWomen34b9-40a6 (ff. 17v-20v)LW II.xix.1-II.xix.11; II.xx.1-II.xx.41; II.xxi.1-II.xxi.11LTWL 141.30-146.27
LladinLaws of CountryEbediw (death duty)40a6-40b8 (ff. 20v)LW II.xxii.1-II.xxii.17LTWL 146.28-147.10
LladinLaws of CourtHuntingFalcons40b8-41a4 (ff. 20v-21r)LW II.xxiii.1-II.xxiii.10LTWL 147.11-147.22
LladinLaws of CourtHuntingDogs41a4-42a14 (ff. 21r-v)LW II.xxiv.1-II.xxiv.36LTWL 147.23-148.27
LladinLaws of CourtHuntingStags42a22-43a12 (ff. 21v-22r)LW II.xxv.1-II.xxv.16LTWL 148.28-149.20
LladinLaws of CourtHuntingHunting rules43a13-43b5 (ff. 22r)LW II.xxvi.1-II.xxvi.8LTWL 149.21-149.35
LladinLaws of CountryValue of Wild and TameBees43b9-43b17 (ff. 22r)LW II.xxvii.1-II.xxvii.9LTWL 149.36-150.5
LladinLaws of CountryValuesTrees43b17-44a22 (ff. 22r-v)LW II.xxviii.1-II.xxviii.17LTWL 150.6-150.24
LladinLaws of CountryValuesBuildings44a22-44b24 (ff. 22v)LW II.xxix.1-II.xxix.21LTWL 150.25-151.7
LladinLaws of CountryCo-tillage44b24-45a9 (ff. 22v-23r)LW 151.8-151.16
LladinLaws of CountryValuesEquipment, furniture, weapons45a9-46a17 (ff. 23r-v)LW II.xxxi.1-II.xxxi.66; II.xxxii.1-II.xxxii.8LTWL 151.17-152.21
LladinLaws of CountryValue of Wild and TameCattle46a24-48a12 (ff. 23v-24v)LW II.xxxiii.1-II.xxxiii.24; II.xxxiv.1-II.xxxiv.28LTWL 152.22-154.15
LladinLaws of CountryValue of Wild and TameHorses48a12-49b15 (ff. 24v-25r)LW II.xxxv.1-II.xxxv.37LTWL 154.16-155.32
LladinLaws of CountryValue of Wild and TamePigs49b19-50b5 (ff. 25r-v)LW II.xxxvi.1-II.xxxvi.18LTWL 155.33-156.22
LladinLaws of CountryValue of Wild and TameSheep and goats50b10-51a6 (ff. 25v-26r)LW II.xxxvii.1-II.xxxvii.7; II.xxxviii.1-II.xxxviii.5LTWL 156.23-156.40
LladinLaws of CountryValue of Wild and TameCats51a11-51a24 (ff 26r)LW II.xxxix.1-II.xxxix.4LTWL 157.1-157.11
LladinLaws of CountryValue of Wild and TameGeese and chickens51a24-51b4 (ff. 26r)LW II.xl.1-II.xl.5LTWL 157.12-157.16
LladinLaws of CountryCorn Damage51b4-51b22 (ff. 26r)LW II.xli.1-II.xli.8LTWL 157.17-157.33
LladinLaws of CountryBirth and rearing51b23-52a3 (ff. 26r-v)LW II.xlii.1LTWL 157.34-158.2
LladinLaws of CountryThree places the law divides52a4-52a16 (ff. 26v)LW II.xlii.2LTWL 158.3-158.11

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