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ColanLaws of CountryWomen1.1-14.4Col 1-68cf. Ior 44.1-55.16
ColanLaws of CountryInjury to an animal14.5-15.22Col 69-73cf. Ior 57.1-57.6
ColanLaws of CountryPleadings15.23-18.12Col 74-84cf. Ior 58.1-60.7
ColanLaws of CountrySuretyship18.12-33.10Col 85-125cf. Ior 61.1-67.4
ColanLaws of CountryBriduw33.11-34.15Col 126-131cf. Ior 68.1-68.10
ColanLaws of CountryContract34.16-36.16Col 132-140cf. Ior 69.1-69.13
ColanLaws of CountryWarranty36.17-38.10Col 141-146cf. Ior 70.1-70.5
ColanTest BookCo-tillage38.11-46.7Col 147-180cf. Ior 148.1-153.3
ColanTest BookCorn Damage46.8-52.6Col 181-205cf. Ior 154.1-160.9
ColanTest BookValue of Wild and Tame52.7-58.11Col 206-236cf. Ior 121.1-135.5
ColanTest BookOffice of a justice58.12-59.22Col 237-241
ColanTest BookGalanas60.1-80.20Col 242-333cf. Ior 104.3-110.24
ColanTest BookTheft80.21-101.4Col 334-411cf. Ior 111.1-115.21
ColanTest BookFire101.4-105.22Col 412-440cf. Ior 116.1-120.6
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawCase for land106.1-139.15Col 441-556cf. Ior 72.1-81.11
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawSetting boundaries139.15-139.16Col 557cf. Ior 81.12
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawCase for land139.17-140.4Col 558cf. Ior 72.1-81.11
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawChurch land law140.4-140.12Col 559-560cf. Ior 81.13-81.14
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawDivision of land140.12-140.16Col 561cf. Ior 81.15-82.11
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawLatin books140.16-141.18Col 562-565
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawDadannudd141.19-145.16Col 566-576cf. Ior 84.1-84.6
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawLineage and Descent145.16-147.17Col 577-582cf. Ior 85.1-85.9
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawDivision of land147.18-150.8Col 583-589cf. Ior 81.15-82.11
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawDung maer150.9-151.1Col 590-593cf. Ior 83.1-83.4
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawChurch land and the king151.2-152.3Col 594-599cf. Ior 83.5-83.9
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawWomen and land152.3-154.11Col 600-606cf. Ior 86.1-86.11
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawGaining and losing land154.12-157.2Col 607-614cf. Ior 87.1-87.11
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawCoastal land law157.3-157.11Col 615-616cf. Ior 88.1
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawThree precious things157.11-157.15Col 617cf. Ior 88.2
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawMethod of dividing a township157.15-158.3Col 618-619cf. Ior 88.3-88.4
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawAgriculture158.3-158.19Col 620-628cf. Ior 88.5-88.7
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawRight to sell land158.19-159.4Col 629-630cf. Ior 88.8-88.9
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawForeigners159.4-160.22Col 631-637cf. Ior 88.8-88.10
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawLawful measurements and Dyfnwal Moelmud160.23-164.2Col 638-651cf. Ior 88.8-88.11
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawKing's rights on the commote164.2-164.21Col 652-653cf. Ior 90.19-90.23
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawMaer and Cynghellor164.21-166.17Col 654-662cf. Ior 91.1-91.10
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawThe king's rights166.17-167.15Col 663-667cf. Ior 92.1-92.6
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawKing's bondsmen167.15-169.19Col 668-673cf. Ior 93.1-93.7
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawDung maer169.19-170.22Col 674-678cf. Ior 94.1-94.9
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawKing's right to liquor from all free manors171.1-171.7Col 679cf. Ior 94.11
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawBoundaries171.8-172.10Col 680-683cf. Ior 95.1-95.4
ColanLaws of CountryLand lawGwestfa and dawnbwyd172.10-174.12Col 684-687cf. Ior 96.1-96.11
ColanYchwanegion ColDamweiniau I174.13-200.13
ColanYchwanegion ColDamweiniau II200.13-328.22

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