Early texts

Wotton, W., and M. Williams (eds.), Cyfreithjeu Hywel Dda Ac Ereill Seu Leges Wallicae Ecclesiasticae & Civiles Hoeli Boni Et Alconium Wallicae Principium (London, 1730).
Welsh text with a Latin translation.
Extracts included in Vol 1 of D. Wilkins, Concilia Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae (4 Vols, London, 1736).

Pugh, William Owen, Cambrian Register (3 Vols., London, 1795-1818).
Extracts of a Welsh text, said to be BL Cotton Cleopatra Bv, with a translation.
Extracts then included, with other material, in J. H. Parry (ed.), Cambro-Briton (London, 1819-22).

Myfyr, O., Morganwg, I., and Pugh, W. O., Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales (3 Vols., London, 1801-8, 2nd ed. 1870).
Text said to be from a manuscript belonging to the London Welsh School, but in a complex orthography.

Haddan, A. W., and Stubbs, W., (eds.), Councils and Ecclesiastical Documents Relating to Great Britain and Ireland (3 Vols, London, 1869-71).
Includes texts taken from Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales, and Appendix A is comprised of ‘Canones Wallici’.

Lewis, H., The Ancient Laws of Wales (London, 1889 and 1892).
‘Viewed especially in regard to the light they throw upon the origin of some English institutions. Edited by J. E. Lloyd.

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