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This is an analysis of the contents of each manuscript of Cyfraith Hywel.

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There are cross-references to printed texts. When a cross-reference to another text or another manuscript is given, that text is not likely to be identical to the main text; there may be variety in the ordering or wording used. The aims of the cross-references are to give an idea of parallel texts.


AL = Owen, A. (ed.), Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales, (2 vols, London, 1841).
DC = Dimetian Code, Ancient Laws
GC = Gwentian Code, Ancient Laws
VC = Venedotian Code, Ancient Laws
LW = Leges Wallicae, Ancient Laws (Latin A)
LHB = Leges Howeli Boni, Ancient Laws (Latin B, Book, chapter, sentence)
LHB = Leges Howeli Boni, Ancient Laws (Latin C, chapter, sentence. Where numbering in the text comes to an end, reference is given to page and line in the Quarto edition.)
See also the guide on using Ancient Laws

Bleg = Williams, S. J., and J. E. Powell (eds.), Llyfr Blegywryd, (Cardiff, 1942).
Col = Jenkins, D., (ed.), Llyfr Colan (Cardiff, 1963).
Cyn = Llyfr Cynog Aled Rhys Wiliam
DwC = Jenkins, D., (ed.), Damweiniau Colan (Aberystwyth, 1973).
Ior = Wiliam, A. Rh., Llyfr Iorwerth (Cardiff, 1960).
J = Richards, M., Cyfreithiau Hywel Dda Yn Ôl Llawysgrif Coleg Yr Iesu LVII (Cardiff, 1990).
Pom = Roberts, S. E., Llawysgrif Pomffred: An Edition and Study of Peniarth MS 259B (Leiden, 2011).
WML = Wade-Evans, A. W., Welsh Medieval Law (Oxford, 1909).
LTWL = Emanuel, H. D., The Latin Texts of the Welsh Laws (Cardiff, 1967).
Lat C = Russell, P., Welsh Law in Medieval Anglesey. British Library, Harleian MS 1796 (Latin C), Texts and Studies in Medieval Welsh Law II (Cambridge, 2011).
New Law Manuscript Sigla, Seminar Cyfraith Hywel

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