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BL Additional 22356

Siglum: S
(c)British Library Board, Add. 22356

(c)British Library Board, Add. 22356

Redaction: Blegywryd

Date: s.xv med

Description: 149ff. A Blegywryd text with a tail of additional material.

Fol. 3v: D. Jenkins, The Laws of Hywel Dda: Law Texts from Medieval Wales (Llandysul, 1986), front.
Fol. 3v, 4r, 21v, 47v, 144r, 131v, 132r:
British Library Online Gallery

C. James, ‘Golygiad o BL Add. 22,356 o Gyfraith Hywel Ynghyd Ag Astudiaeth Gymharol Ohono â Llanstephan 116’, (PhD, Aberystwyth, 1984).
In this work by Dr Christine James, there is a very valuable and detailed conspectus. Our debt to Dr James’s work in this table is acknowledged, and it is based on her work. We thank her for generously allowing us to use her work. In any work using this manuscript or deriving from the table on this website, reference should be made to Dr James’s thesis.

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