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Peniarth 164

Siglum: H

Redaction: Other

Date: s.xiv2

Description: 81ff.
A manuscript with mixed legal material. The manuscript is damaged, but there are copies in Peniarth 258 and Llanstephan 121. There is a large collection of triads and unique material.


Medieval Welsh Prose

G. A. Elias, ‘Golygiad Ac Astudiaeth Destunol o'r Llyfr Cyfraith Yn LlGC, Llawysgrif Peniarth 164 (H), Ynghyd a'r Copiau Ohoni Yn Llawysgrifau Peniarth 278 a Llanstephan 121’, (PhD, Bangor, 2007)
In this work by Dr Angharad Elias, there is a very valuable and detailed conspectus. Our debt to Dr Elias’s work in this table is acknowledged, and it is based on her work. We thank her for generously allowing us to use her work. In any work using this manuscript or deriving from the table on this website, reference should be made to Dr Elias’s thesis.

The table is based on Peniarth 258.

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