Finding specific sections of law

Looking for a description of one of the law manuscripts?
These are found here.

Want to see what is in a specific manuscript?
Go to the databases, choose the manuscript, and filter.

Want to find a specific section in the law?
Choose a section or subsection from the drop down menus for the databases, or enter text in the search box.

Found a specific section and want to see where else it occurs?
Select a section, and list the results - this should show where else the particular section, or a similar section, occurs.
If you don't know the keyword, it is possible to find the section in an individual manuscript, and then search again using the keyword.

Found a section in Ancient Laws?
There are pdf pages showing the origin of the contents of AL here. Then turn to the databases.
In the databases, it is possible to click on the AL link and see the relevant page of AL.

Is the section from manuscripts Z, S, H or Latin C?
There are edited texts of those manuscripts available as pdfs, here.

Is the section from the damweiniau?
There is a separate database for the damweiniau, and a user guide here.

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