Exploring Medieval Wales: Law Texts from Cyfraith Hywel - Sara Elin Roberts and Christine James

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The Text

S. E. Roberts and C. James, Archwilio Cymru'r Oesoedd Canol: Testunau o Gyfraith Hywel (Texts and Studies in Medieval Welsh Law IV, Seminar Cyfraith Hywel: Cambridge, 2015).

This Welsh language volume offers an anthology of short texts from Cyfraith Hywel, with transliterations into modern Welsh. Very few materials on Cyfraith Hywel exist in Welsh, and in addition to that, edited texts of Cyfraith Hywel are very rare. To date, the tendency in the subject area has been to publish editions of individual texts, which often include lengthy and complicated texts; or studies of individual sections such as the law of women, the three columns of law, or the triad collections. The aim of the present work is to prepare exemplary extracts from different sections and subjects within Welsh law, with the aim of giving a general overview of the law, in easy-to-use and accessible extracts.
The volume presents a collection of extracts, a modern version of the volume by Stephen J. Williams, Detholion o’r Hen Gyfreithiau Cymreig, 1938). This volume therefore gives texts of the laws which are appropriate as a way into the subject.
As well as the edited sections, the introduction explains how and why the extracts were chosen, and gives the wider context of the extracts. Each section has a short bibliography. The work goes well with other parts of this website.

Using the volume:
The volume is available on the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol website, at Y Porth, here.
To refer to the work, the following reference should be used: Sara Elin Roberts and Christine James, Archwilio Cymru'r Oesoedd Canol: Testunau o Gyfraith Hywel (Cyfraith Hywel, 2015).
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